About us

Wim Food History

Wim Food is a trading company that exports food worldwide.
The company was founded by Jonas Winter Mikkelsen on 1 July 2020. The foundations of Wim Food were laid during the coronavirus crisis, when the whole world was in chaos. For us it represented the best opportunity to enter the market and gain market share during a difficult period – when everyone was forced to navigate different scenarios around the world.
Wim Food was born out of a long-term dream and passion to build a successful international food trading company in which the employees were the stars of the workplace, with a focus on team spirit and a common vision of creating a successful business together.

Wim Food vision

Wim Foods’ vision is to establish an international company with a large back-office organisation in Denmark and local sales companies around the world, allowing us to be close to our customers and thus able to offer the best possible service.
We want to serve our customers with a wide range of products, from meat, fish, and vegetables to pet food, allowing us to provide a broad service in the sales markets in which we have a presence.
Finally, we have visions of investing in our own production in the future, combined with continuing to focus on becoming the best food trading company around the world.

Wim Food Mission

Within the space of a few years, we wish to establish ourselves as one of the most important food suppliers in the world.